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The Rad Cafe with Mike Shethar

Mike Shethar (just call him Mikey, everyone does) is a Culinary Consultant, a Podcast Host, a Men’s Fertility Coach, and an all-around delightful human being – this week on the Changed Podcast!

He’s a super fun person to talk to, and he had me smiling and laughing through our entire conversation.

Mikey Shethar’s primary job title is Culinary Consultant. That means he gets to use his imagination to help food brands both big and small think up delicious, new, and interesting food, that they then put on the shelves for you and me to consume!

But his creativity doesn’t stop there, and in this episode, we get to hear one of the early stories in Mikey’s journey through his own imagination. And it’s a story with a title: The Rad Cafe.

His latest project is becoming a dad with his lovely wife, with whom he co-hosts the podcast, Mikey and Rinne Stay In. It’s a fun, funny, silly look at their fertility journey which features interesting guests along with their particularly goofy senses of humor.

Changed Podcast Takeaways

There is a joy to be had in thinking all the thoughts and dreaming all the dreams. The story of the Rad Cafe shows us that implementing great ideas is satisfying in one way, but simply letting your imagination go big carries its own particular joy. And sometimes you may land on something you actually want to try and do… Bonus!

Avocado Toast started as an idea! Truthfully, it had never occurred to me that the innovative foods that become the foods we take for granted somewhere. It may seem obvious but foods have trends, and much of what we think of in terms of “yum, yum!” started out as a ‘crazy idea before it ever hit our palates. But for me, the epiphany that food begins as an exercise in imagination was a lovely one to have.

The world needs more joy, silliness, and fun now more than ever… and 5% more of that counts! This is a view I already hold, you’ve heard me talk about it many times, but this conversation certainly reinforced that for me. The conversation itself was so much fun, that my own day was more than 5% better for having had a little laughter. What’s the 5% better you can add to make the world better? Your household? The lives of those you care about?

“We can dream all the dreams. We can think all the things!” -Mike Shethar

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