There’s a whole lotta gratitude in the final episode of the Changed Podcast season one!

It’s Thanksgiving today and despite 2020 being one massive experiment in just how much people can handle, I have a lot to be grateful for.

Aden Nepom, host of the Changed podcast makes pumpkin bread in prep for Thanksgiving

I started my day today thanking people for being in my life and it felt amazing. So instead of waiting until next week to record and publish the closer for season one, I decided that closing the Changed Podcast should be part of this giant gratitude emanating from my heart out into the world.

After all, Thanksgiving isn’t just about this amazing pumpkin bread… or is it?! (#nofilter #delicious!)

Aden Nepom, host of The Changed Podcast, shows off freshly made pumpkin bread for this special season closer on Thanksgiving day

So while Season one of the Changed Podcast is my love letter to the world inviting everyone to have more curiosity about each other’s stories, to examine how we think about change and flexibility, and to simply spend a little time thinking… this close to season one is my, Aden Nepom’s, love letter to you the audience as well as my amazing guests.

I have spent one of the most difficult years I can remember connecting with strangers and it has been amazing!


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Thank you so much for listening and supporting the show by helping to spread the word, and rating the show wherever it is you listen! Soon there will be even more ways to help support the show! We’re excited!

I, Aden Nepom… host of this show, appreciate you greatly and wish you a good end to the year and an even better 2021.

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