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Reshanda Yates Shares Her Journey with (no longer) Binge Eating

In this episode of the show, you’ll meet Reshanda Yates, whose goal, having overcome binge eating, is to empower women to be confident, love their bodies and love their relationships with food.

She is also the host of “Better Late Than Never” a podcast on, intended to be a place for people who are ready to move forward after addiction, procrastination, chronic negative thinking, and other distractions that have kept them from living a life they can be proud of.

As she says, “Late bloomers welcome!”

After years of disordered eating including binge eating followed by punishing herself by NOT eating, Reshanda Yates lost 60lbs by doing the most counterintuitive thing you can imagine: she stopped trying to lose weight, quit dieting, let go of control, and began seeking the support that she truly needed to love and accept herself.

Takeaways from this episode

In making positive changes in your life, it’s really never too late to forgive yourself, regroup and refocus on what you do want instead of don’t want.

There is a weird relationship between getting what you want and letting control to get there. Like walking and chewing gum, we benefit from being able to hold the space for the outcome we want and let go of the path to get there… allowing ourselves to be human along the way.

If driving and texting is a wake-up call (which it was in Reshanda’s story) what might be your wake-up call waiting to happen? What are you unconsciously prioritizing in your life, while endangering the lives of those around you? And what might you shift to have a better outcome?

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