Episode 2: Guest Mo Daviau – Author of the novel, Every Anxious Wave

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Episode 2: Guest Mo Daviau - Author of the novel, Every Anxious Wave

I met Mo 14 years ago in Austin, Texas when we were both cast members of an all-female Musical Improv Group that neither of us are members of anymore. Being in a musical improv group with Mo, and then later an improv duo called Battle-Axe (check out this vintage Blogspot account!) there are some things that I know to be true about this profoundly talented woman.

She’s a compelling storyteller (I loved her novel, but I’ve also been tugged along a delicately-strung-together improvised narrative by this dynamo and her ability to see the matrix of an improvised story as it is arriving).

She is surprisingly good at freestyle rap… something I’m guessing you’ll never hear her do, because I’m pretty sure she’d deny her skills if you asked her about rap. Also, I could be wrong about that assumption, so feel free to ask her!

Something else I know about Mo, she’s an introspective, deep thinker.

Mo Daviau, author of novel - Every Anxious Wave, sits in relaxed contemplation. Photo credit: Jon Bolden
Photo credit: Jon Bolden

Reflecting on my conversation with Mo….

It’s easy to view people’s accomplishments from the outside and say “wow, they really made it!” when behind those achievements lives a mix of blood, sweat, hard work, good luck, and heartbreak…. AND there is no way of knowing how much of each, and in what order.

Each moment on our own paths we are presented with opportunities to be changed… to pivot.They say that life is 10% what happens and 90% what you do with what happens.

If you haven’t read Mo’s novel, Every Anxious Wave yet… I highly recommend you pick up a copy from your local bookseller. Here’s a link to mine.

If you have thoughts you’d like to share, or stories about dreams, accomplishments and surprises I would love to hear them! Feel free to drop me a line any time.

And of course, as always, happy listening!


PS. If you prefer watching people talking instead of listening to them feel free to enjoy the much less edited version of our conversation on YouTube.


Is there someone you think would make an excellent guest on the podcast (bonus points it’s someone you can connect us with directly…)? Please feel free to drop us a line and tell us all about them!

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