The Changed Podcast with Aden Nepom
The Changed Podcast with Aden Nepom
Episode 17: Mimi Bishop and Jackie Ghedine, from the Make Your Life Magnificent Podcast

Mimi Bishop and Jackie Ghedine are both certified life coaches who focus their work on Generation X women.

Co-founders of The Resting Mind, they are co-hosts of the podcast Make Your Life Magnificent with Jackie + Mimi available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher and have been featured in Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, Tiny Buddha, TEDx and are VIP Experts at FairyGodBoss. 

Many of their clients have the skills, experience, and accomplishments, but they find themselves getting tongue-tied when having to answer the age-old questions, “tell me about yourself.” Using The Resting Mind’s proprietary tools combining brain science and energy leadership they help Gen-X women create sustainable change. 

In this dual-guest episode these women share their thoughts on the impact of our thoughts, what energy leadership is and how we can make choices about how we show up, as well as their own stories of moments from their lives where the understanding of the world and their relationships changed as a result of important loss, or fear of loss.

Take aways from this episode

While our energy may impact how we feel, our thoughts directly influence our energy. We can make choices about how we want to behave and the way we want resonate in the world.

How we choose to view our experiences in life, can lead us to a place of incredible learning. The easiest way to learn from an experience is to pause and ask the question: “What can I learn from this?”

Shared moments of life tension where we are forced to rely on another human being and to show up for them in important ways create important bonds. If we allow these bonds to remain part of our lives, they can act as a gift in what might otherwise simply be a painful memory.

People have a tendency to go the most extreme language in labeling their emotional experiences. BUT not every experience is a 10 out of 10 on the pain or pleasure scale. Because words have power, it is wise to differentiate true pain and tragedy from hiccups and blips in life.

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Book recommendation from guest, Jackie Ghedine: Why We Can’t Sleep by Ada Calhoun – click to view Amazon

Mimi & Jackie’s coaching business: The Resting Mind

Listen to their podcast: The Make Your Life Magnificent Podcast with Mimi + Jackie. Special thanks to these two as well for the shoutout on this episode back in July to my article on Medium entitled How to Have a Reasonable Conversation with Someone You Disagree With.

Mimi Bishop and Jackie Ghedine are hosts of the Make Your Life Magnificent with Jackie + Mimi podcast. Learn more about them by listening to episode 17 of the Changed Podcast

Click here to download Mimi & Jackie’s free guide, The Brand of You Creative Brief, to stand out as a Gen-X lady in your career. 

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4 thoughts on “Episode 17: Mimi Bishop and Jackie Ghedine, from the Make Your Life Magnificent Podcast

  1. Thank you Aden for having us on the podcast where Mimi Bishop and I were able to talk about our own battles with change, because yes, change is an internal battle and share some of our thoughts around change and the energy of change.

    1. Talking with you was a joy! Not only did it feel like talking to two old buddies (hello Gen-X ladies unite!), but I felt that your take-aways for this show resonated deeply with me and will with my listeners as well. Big thanks to you!

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