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Maxwell – The Changed Podcast KIDS

The first episode is here! This episode of the Changed Podcast KIDS features Maxwell from Austin, Texas. 

Amelia and I are so excited! Our first conversation is finally available for you to listen to!

Maxwell is 7 years old and lives in Texas. He loves animals, video games, imagination games, dinosaurs, and chocolate!

And… he is actually the reason we are even doing this project!

That’s right! The whole idea came from a conversation Maxwell had with his mama, who then made a joke that became the best idea in the whole wide world.

In this conversation, we learned that:

  • Kids know a lot of stuff
  • That you can be brave even when something scary (like falling off your bike happens)
  • That sometimes grownups are more scared than kids (according to Maxwell, the fun stuff in particular!)
  • And our co-host, Amelia, discovered that she actually had a lot in common with Maxwell, even though they live far apart.

Amelia says: “You can learn a lot in one hour. For the time we recorded, me and maxwell both got hungry afterward!”

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