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Mary Jo Pehl A.K.A. Pearl Forrester of MST3K

In this, the inaugural episode of the Changed Podcast, we are excited to bring you THE Mary Jo Pehl

Mary Jo Pehl was a writer and actor on the television show Mystery Science Theater 3000 and was featured as the beloved arch-nemesis Pearl Forrester. She currently teams with Bridget Nelson making hilarious movie commentary on RiffTrax, and writes, produces and stars in the web series Ruth Larson Lives! on YouTube. 

She is a crossword puzzle clue in a national magazine, and her memoir, Dumb Dumb Dumb: My Mother’s Book Reviews, will be published later this year. 

Reflections on Mary Jo Pehl’s Story

M.J. (as her friends call her) and I spoke on March 20th this year in the midst of our adjusting to Stay at Home orders across the country. As always our conversation was delightful, energizing and somehow familiar. From the first time we met over a decade ago, until now we’ve had a warm connection and though we don’t speak often, I always look forward to our conversations.

I started this project in January. But for the launch of the Changed Podcast, I chose to reach into the beginning of Spring. While this wasn’t the first episode I recorded, I wanted it to be the first one I published for this project because even in the midst of profound present-moment change, she and I agreed that we can look to the past, and to our own interpretations of that big FAT word: CHANGE, to think about how we want to approach each present moment.

For some people change is hard. For others change is easy.

There are well-intended, loving gestures that can show up in pretty unsupportive-feeling ways… how you handle these moments can shift your whole perspective.

Enjoy <3

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