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Living Every Day as if it’s Her Last, Julia de’Caneva – Episode 43

In episode 43 of The Changed Podcast, intentional living coach Julia de’Caneva shares why she is so highly attuned to the fact that our lives are short and rarely end at an expected and anticipated moment.

Julia de’Caneva (dee-kuh-nay-vuh) is an intentional living coach with an insatiable curiosity for human behavior and a penchant for sweet potatoes and sunsets. She brings the lessons she learned from cancer to help over-workers and perfectionists slow down and find balance by clarifying what truly matters to them.

She fell in love with intentional living while working as a professional home organizer, and now one of her three pillars of coaching is the process of internal decluttering which she calls intentionalism.

You can find her musing about intentional living on her blog, and she’ll encourage you to find moments of ease in each day if you follow her on Instagram.

When not coaching, Julia devours books and podcasts, takes many photos of flowers on her daily walks, and is improving her handle of the Japanese language. She hopes that everyone will slow down and learn to treat life as precious as it is.

What’s in this episode?

  • What it means to live intentionally
  • The value of slowness and really enjoying each and every day as the beautiful and fleeting gift it is
  • Two of Julia’s transformational pivot points in her journey with cancer
  • A reminder that the severity of a situation is often more obvious to those around us than to ourselves
  • A discussion of the illusion of safety and longevity. In other words, we so often tend to obsess over creating safety or stability for ourselves and our loved ones, but it is impossible to predict whether or not we’ll be successful where there is still randomness in the universe. We could get hit by a bus at any time.
  • The importance of caring for and listening to our bodies to make the most of the precious moments we do have.

Additional reading

Interested in decluttering your physical space? Check out The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Interested in decluttering your brain at work? I’m starting this book this week, feel free to join me! Noise: a Flaw in Human Judgenment by Daniel Kahneman, Olivier Sibony, et al.

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