Wondering what’s in store between seasons 2 and 3? It’s a sweet little mini-series of interviews on the Changed Podcast Kids!

After interviewing 50 guests on the Changed Podcast, I am so very excited to bring in a new perspective… the voices, thoughts, and stories of kids!

For this mini-series, I have a brand new co-host too! You may recall my stepdaughter is the origin of the Changed Podcast, and since I wanted to talk to kiddos about their experiences, who better to help me do that than my own amazing kiddo, Amelia!

Unlike our regular season, these episodes will come out sporadically over the next couple of months as we work around Amelia’s school schedule, custody schedule (since we split her time between our house and her mama’s house), and the ups and downs in the life of an 8-year-old.

That being said, our first episode has already been recorded, and we are excited to bring you the first interview VERY SOON!

In the meantime, we recorded a little trailer, to help you get excited.

AND if you believe your child would make an excellent guest on The Changed Podcast KIDS, we invite you to submit them by filling out this form!

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