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Best selling author, motivational speaker and AANP President, Dr. Rick Brinkman

In this episode, AANP President, best-selling author, and motivational speaker, Dr. Rick Brinkman shares his journey from New York to Oregon and how it is he came to be on the path he is on.

My conversation with Dr. Rick Brinkman

If you look back to the pivotal moments in your life, how were your decisions guided? Did you rely on careful data analysis picking apart the pros and cons of each choice diligently? Did you allow someone else to chart your course for you, letting them choose rather than being the master of your own fate? Did you hear an internal voice, or feel an internal pull in a particular direction and allow that intuition to help you along to the next piece of your path?

When it comes to CHANGE in life, Rick shows how “resistance to change is insane,” you can simply “let intuition be your guide,” if you tune in and take action based on what shows up. Considering how little of our life is actually up to us to control, perhaps letting go and letting God (or gut) guide actually makes the most sense of all. As Rick puts it, “Change is happening, all you can really do is go with the flow and make your best choices from there.”

That’s not to say that we have zero control of our destiny. After all, if you want to make yourself miserable as Rick points out, all you have to do is “pick something in your present that you hate and see it going forever into your future.” It seems important to make the distinction that letting intuition guide you through some decision-making means leaving decisions up to change. To me, it means the opposite! I think letting intuition be your guide means building your relationship and trust with your internal compass so that you can act quickly and successfully.

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