The Changed Podcast with Aden Nepom
The Changed Podcast with Aden Nepom
Episode 18: Andrew Williams, Leadership Enthusiast, Coach, Author and EXPERIMENTER

Andrew Williams, the author of book: ‘Survive and Thrive: 120 Ideas to Cultivate Your Leadership Agility,’ is a leadership enthusiast, facilitator and coach who first and foremost considers himself an experimenter in life.

In this episode, Andrew shares some of the results of his more recent experiments and offers an important perspective on the change process for all of us.

Takeaways from this conversation

Andrew suggests that part of processing change is about grieving loss. Loss of what was supposed to happen, loss of the identity you thought was yours, loss of a job, loss of a habit. I often tend to put emphasis on energetic choices and moving forward with what you do want instead of dwelling on what you don’t want. However, I think taking time to grieve, even if it’s for a solitary breath does indeed offer an important perspective on allowing ourselves to be human… and I am always a fan of making room to be human.

One foot in front of the other is Andrew’s motto–a motto useful in helping businesses enact change, in learning new skills and in running a marathon at Mt. Everest. It is a theme that comes up often. Rather than try to go from 0 – 100 in all things… sometimes small increments (0 to 10… now 10 to 20) are much more effective. Though not quite so dramatic as a bounding leap, a step is still moving in a direction, and movement beats stagnation.

Our world is simultaneously a massive place and a small one. I am grateful to be able to have meaningful conversations such as this one with a colleague sat on the other side of the globe.


Andrew’s business is called Cultivate Agility. Click HERE to visit the website.

Andrew’s book “Survive and Thrive: 120 Ideas to Cultivate Your Leadership Agility” can be found on Amazon. Click HERE.

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Another interesting conversation which gives you, the listener, an incredible mental movie to enjoy, is this fantastic and thorough conversation with 12 Monkey’s actor, Todd Stashwick. Click HERE to check it out.

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