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Actor, Writer Todd Stashwick

We all know that change happens. We all know that it’s up to us to interpret and determine the meaning of the events in our lives. But what filters do we choose? How shall we frame it up for ourselves… and where do we stand to benefit from what we’ve learned?

This week on the Changed Podcast, actor and writer, Todd Stashwick shares his views on Styx, on becoming who you already are, and on the scar tissue that forms to make us stronger following abrupt and dramatic moments of change.

You can find Todd Stashwick in almost every TV show. This man has done it all from sitcom to action so if he looks familiar to you, that’s because you’ve seen him on screen. In recent entertainment memory you might have enjoyed Stashwick as Dr. Drakken in Disney’s Kim Possible, or as Deacon in SYFY’s series, 12 Monkeys.

We sat down (together apart) in mid-April so I could pick his brain about life, change, the world… and more.

A few things he shared really stuck with me.

First, I was really struck by Todd’s definition of change. Todd said “change is when you stop seeing something one way and start seeing them another way. It’s the shattering of a paradigm”

I thought the simplicity and complexity of that one observation was really interesting because instead of change being about action, or habit he really honed in on the mindset piece. Our experiences are what change our minds. Think you’re invincible? Break a leg, and you may change your mind. Think you’re better off alone? Meet someone, and fall in love despite yourself… and you might change your mind. Also… you might not change your mind. But the point is, that shifts both big and small offer us the opportunity to do so.

Todd also described his own feelings about change as the difference between moving through a room with a flashlight vs a floodlight. This image has stuck with me since we sat down to record. I like picturing the whole of Earth’s population wandering the landscape of decision-making carrying nothing but a flashlight to illuminate the corner of the table, or perhaps a cake set on that table along the way.

Finally, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone so deeply devoted to the magic of one band (Todd will gladly fight anyone who disagrees that his…not favorite, but the certainly beloved band isn’t pure genius)…And that it’s Styx! Well, there’s something kind of lovable about that.

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