Marsha Shandur, storytelling expert guests on episode 28 of The Changed Podcast
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The Changed Podcast with Aden Nepom
Marsha Shandur Helps You Tell Great Stories - Episode 28

In this episode storytelling expert Marsha Shandur, shares a few of the key ingredients to an excellent story and shares a story of her own that demonstrate our how our willingness to leap into the abyss of love can change us

Marsha Shandur has been listening to, and telling stories her whole life. Perhaps you’ve even seen or heard Marsha tell a story yourself!

If you do not already know Marsha and you’re wondering who the heck she is… perhaps this keynote from the 2019 World Domination Summit is a particularly charming, relatable and inspiring introduction!

We dove into the anatomy of storytelling for a bit during her interview. Even though The Changed Podcast is all about one idea change… obviously, storytelling is a key element of how we get there. And if you’re interested in the story of how the podcast was born (with storytelling in mind…) then I suggest you go take a quick peek at our origin story!

All of this is to say, it seemed worth spending a chunk of time thinking about what makes stories so compelling, relatable and engaging.

Takeaways from our conversation

The ingredients of a compelling story are less about the plot, and more about the picture. In order to create a ‘freaky-friday brain-swap’ with your stories, focus less on the takeaways and spend time on some of the details that you take for granted, like the time of day, or the smell in the air, or the color of your shirt etc…

There is an extent to which stories are “different horses for different courses,” so your compelling stories won’t necessarily be a match for every audience without making adjustments

Regarding change, If you’d like to get really excellent at processing internal changes don’t underestimate the value of therapy!

Stories don’t have to be about overcoming obstacles to be compelling.

And perhaps Really great stories move people. If we want to move people to action and inspire change… stories will be part of how we get there.

“It’s how we change everything. All the big issues: global change, social justice and all of this. We need to have the stories so that we can actually be, ‘Oh I’m moved by this in a way that if you showed me a data set, I would not be.’ Anybody can be a good storyteller! And being a good storyteller is how we’re going to beat evil.”

– Marsha Shandur

About Marsha Shandur

Marsha Shandur shares a love story, and tips about story in general on episode 28 of The Changed Podcast

Marsha Shandur (of Yes Yes Marsha) is a Storytelling, Communication and Speaker Coach who has taught hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs and professionals across the world. She is the host, organizer and Storytelling Coach for True Stories Toronto, the city’s largest storytelling show.

Before launching Yes Yes Marsha and her career as a Storytelling Coach, Marsha spent 15 years working as a Radio DJ, where she gained a powerful understanding of how to tell stories in a way that fosters connection, trust, engagement and loyalty. Her work has been featured in Forbes, the BBC and Mashable.

Links, Resources and things Referenced in the Course of Marsha’s Interview

IF you love stories, then you likely already know this resource, but if you don’t and want to… you *must* dig into The Moth. One of the easiest ways to do that is their podcast, The Moth Radio Hour

Favorite book: Cry The Beloved Country by Alan Paton

Favorite movie: Desperately Seeking Susan (I never would have guessed this in a million years!)

Check out True Stories Told Live! Here’s the link to the YouTube Channel for the Toronto chapter as mentioned by Marsha Shandur.

Something fun to try: start your day with a drawing! For inspiration checkout Marsha’s secret Insta @yesmarshadraws


Marsha has generously put together a page of resources just for The Changed Podcast listeners! In fact, all guests of this season (whom I spoke to following her interview) have been given this page as a resource. Go check it out, and upgrade your stories! Here’s the super secret, not so secret link.

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