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Maxwell holds a giant homegrown carrot!
This episode of the Changed Podcast KIDS features Maxwell from Austin, Texas.
Wondering what's in-store between seasons 2 and 3? It's a sweet little mini-series of interviews on the Changed Podcast Kids! After interviewing 50 guests on the Changed Podcast, I am so very excited to bring in a new perspective... the voices, thoughts
This episode is not just the 50th episode of this podcast (WOW!), but it also brings to a close an amazing second season of this show. What better guest than Nancy Davis Kho, host of the Midlife Mixtape Podcast, and author of the book: The Thank You Project, Cultivating Happiness One Letter of Gratitude at...
Film & Broadway actor Wade McCollum guests on The Changed Podcast
In Episode 49 of The Changed Podcast Wade McCollum, who has acted on Broadway, in film, and on TV, shares his unique experiences with time, the profound & the mundane, and two stories that illustrate the relationship between our expectations, understanding of ourselves, and our realities.
Book cover for Intention by Dr Ian Brooks
Episode 48 of the Changed Podcast features Dr. Ian Brooks, on the power of mindset, living a life of intention (which includes Netflix and chips!), and his own self-determination even as he narrowly escaped the wreckage of a collision
Cover Art for Inside Selling Podcast with Josh Braun
Josh Braun, the host of the Inside Selling Podcast, shares his thoughts on why it's so critical to learn how to listen fully, how sales superpowers are really just human communication superpowers and the moment that shifted ALL of his priorities.
Greg Campbell guests on episode 46 of The Changed Podcast with Aden Nepom
Voice Actor Greg Campbell shares how he made the leap from television to sharing his unique voice narrating film, commercial and audiobooks.
Adrienne Dawes Headshot
In this episode, playwright Adrienne Dawes shares her thoughts on the relationship between stagecraft and change, and the specific role of comedy and satire in giving people an opportunity to reflect.
Cover art for the Positive ThinPact Podcast
Margery Arnold is co-host of the Positive Thinpact Podcast. In this episode, she discusses her health, the challenges of having co-morbidities for Covid, and how losing her mother at the age of 24 represented an end to life as she knew it
Intentional Living coach Julia deCaneva
In episode 43 of The Changed Podcast, intentional living coach Julia deCaneva shares why she is so highly attuned to the fact that our lives are short and rarely end at an expected and anticipated moment.